After the UN Day English Speech Contest and UN Career Fair 2015 were held successfully attracting some 2,500 visitors, UNESCAP has replenished the UN-ROK website to share with you our happy memories of the day. We are pleased to share with you our newly made 10-minute UN Day video that captures the day's highlights. We've put a lot of work into the video production, and we hope you enjoy the video.

Career Fair

Speech Contest


Our sincere appreciation goes to all the UN offices and international organizations that made the two UN Day events possible as well as all the students and job seekers who came from around the nation and abroad to attend the two events. You truly made our UN Day celebrations very special this year, and we hope it was a meaningful time for all of you as well.

Special Lectures on UN Organizations & Careers

  • Who we are - refugees & careers at UNHCR by UNHCR Rep. Dirk Hebecker (62 min. in English)
  • Global Citizenship Education & careers by APCEIU Mr. Kwang-Hyun Kim (48 min. in Korean)
  • Unite for children & careers at UNICEF by UNICEF Ms. Sang Mi Lee (59 min. in Korean)
  • Forced migration & careers at IOM by IOM Rep. MiHyung Park (60 min. in English)
  • WFP and Zero Hunger Challenge & WFP careers by WFP Rep. Hyung-joon Lim (58 min. in Korean)
  • UN Global Compact & firms; participation in SDGs by UNGC Ms. Ae-hwa Lim (38 min. in Korean)