Group Photo
Group photo of Bonian Golmohammadi (center left), Secretary-General of WFUNA and the staff of the UN offices in Incheon, Republic of Korea.

Secretary-General of the World Federation of the United Nations Associations (WFUNA) Bonian Golmohammadi visited the UN premises in Incheon on 14 May 2014 during his visit to the Republic of Korea.

He gave a talk on the work of WFUNA and its global network, including the office in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. He shared with us a range of initiatives and advocacy work of his organization, including awareness raising campaigns and youth training programmes in order to contribute to the United Nations agenda. WFUNA is a global non-profit organization coordinating over a hundred United Nations Associations around the world.

Attended by over 50 audiences, including the graduate students from Kyung Hee University, who also visited ESCAP East and North-East Asia Office for a briefing, Mr. Golmohammadi underlined the importance of public involvement in formulating the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He also said that the voice of the civil society has to be heard and practical actions must be taken to address global challenges.


A Dialogue with Secretary-General Golmohammadi of WFUNA