Group Photo of UN offices & MOFA of RoK
Group photo of heads of international organizations, including the UN offices and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Republic of Korea.

Taking advantage of the annual gathering with the Ambassadors of the Republic of Korea to other foreign countries, a meeting was held between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Republic of Korea and international organizations located in the country on 2 April 2014 at G-Tower, Incheon.

Heads of 13 international organizations, including ESCAP East and North-East Asia Office, UN Office for Sustainable Development and UNDP Seoul Policy Centre participated in the over two-hour meeting. Participants from the Foreign Ministry included Deputy Minister for Multilateral and Global Affairs Shin Dong-ik and the Ambassadors to the UN, the UN Secretariat and International Organizations in Geneva, the OECD, Austria, the Netherlands, UNESCO and ASEAN.

The meeting provided a useful opportunity to promote communications and strengthen cooperation between the Korean government and international organizations in the country. The meeting will be held annually from now on.

ROK Foreign Ministry meets with UN agencies