The United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon is visiting the Republic of Korea to attend the Yeosu Declaration Forum and the Closing Ceremony of the Yeosu Expo.

The Yeosu Expo provides an opportunity to enhance the international community’s perception of the function and value of the oceans and coasts, share knowledge on the proper use of the oceans and coasts and recognize the need for cooperation in the marine sector. It also serves as a venue to learn about the achievements of and future models for the marine sector and offer a valuable chance to promote state-of-the-art marine science and technology and marine industries.

The UN Pavilion in Yeosu Expo represents the joint efforts of 24 UN agencies, funds, programmes and international organizations to depict the wonders of marine life and ecosystems as well as some of the challenges that face them, such as climate change and pollution.

Secretary-General visits 2012 Yeosu Expo

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