UN-ROK Relations
ROK Contributions to the UN

UN Offices in the ROK

The Republic of Korea is home to many national, subregional, and regional offices of the UN agencies and international organizations, covering a range of topics from policy issues, capacity building training, and detailed action plans.

Among 25 UN offices and international organizations in the country, 14 are stationed in Seoul, while 8 are in Incheon (Songdo), one in Gyeonggi-do, one in Busan, and one in Jeju Island.

Korean Staff in the UN

The number of Korean staff working in the UN increased from 147 to 356 during the period of 2004-2015. The number of UN agencies they work in also increased from 18 to 34 during the same period. As of 2015, the Secretariat, IAEA, UNICEF, UNHCR, and WIPO are among the top destinations for Koreans.

Source: UN System Chief Executives Board for Coordination