That day, there was a confidence.


In October 22nd, I’ve went to Incheon to participate in 2015 UN speech contest. There were so many foreign language and international high school students. As soon as I arrived, I’ve listened to lots of speeches. Their topics were mainly focused on the education and the Syrian refugees. I felt so nervous because they all sounded like native speakers, and their topics were perfect, and some of their speech even made me feel moved. While I stood on the podium, I felt like I was speaking in front of the world’s ambassadors as a head of UN, and felt ambitious, rather than nervous and anxious.

After the speech contest, I also participated in the Career Fair. I couldn’t help but be amazed by the uncountable organizations under UN, and their achievements.

Actually, my career hasn’t been decided yet, but my dream used to be a pediatrician, and I am dreaming of working for worldwide organizations such as MSF, and WHO. It sounds ridiculous, but I was also dreaming of becoming the head of WHO. So, I searched for a WHO booth, but there was none. So I went to UNICEF, which I am also interested in. I visited UNICEF as a start, and then went to UNDP, UNESCAP, UNESCO, and etc. Every student except from our school was all serious, and seemed to be dreaming of working for the UN. They also seemed to understand everything while the staffs were speaking in English.

While I was looking around for lots of organization, I suddenly came across a sign about the internship in UN. Before I read that sign, I didn’t know the internship well, and it seemed easy to get an internship process. However, after I read about it, it made me feel pity of how small I am, and I learned that to work in international organizations is not easy.

Well, I can’t be sure about my career, and it hasn’t been decided yet. However, after I went to the 2015 UN Career Fair, my sight to look around the world has been expanded. Also, I can clearly assure that I’ve decided to work at international organizations such as WHO, using my profession field, according to the globalization.

This career fair has changed me, helped me to mature, and gave me some time to think for my future, while I am confused about it.

– Submitted by Hui-Ju, Ahn


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